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Tips To Select The Right Designer Wedding Dress

awA beautiful wedding dress is the most important part of a woman’s preparation for her wedding day. A beautifully designed wedding dress is what any bride will want. Wedding dress also comes under the wedding plans of the day. But choosing and buying the perfect wedding dress which will suit the bride is a tedious job. There are different types of wedding gowns or dresses and most of them are very beautiful along with the cost factor. When you have a lot of options it becomes very confusing which one to choose. Keeping in mind all these aspects, it might become very tough for you to select the right designer wedding dress. But there are certain tips which might help you to solve the problem. wedding gowns is no longer a difficult thing. There are so many types of wedding gowns on the market. You have a lot of choices to select a suitable bridal gown. You are sure to find the most beautiful dress that fits your body shape perfectly.
Magazines and the Internet

At the very beginning you can take the help of a wedding magazine. Such magazines give many tips on different wedding plans including wedding dresses. There are magazines for different designer wedding dresses and from these magazines you can make a selection of few of your favourite dresses. There are websites also offering you with great ideas on wedding dresses. You can take the help of these sources for choosing a wedding dress.

Consider the Comfort

You can select a wedding dress after you have spotted it in a magazine or on the Internet or in any shop. But before buying that always consider your comfort level with the dress. Your comfort with the dress depends on the season, fabric and size. For example, if it is winter then it is advisable to choose a wedding dress with sleeves. Laces are always very beautiful and attractive but make sure that they don’t touch your skin all the time as they might be irritating after few hours. Always buy the wedding dress of your size. Don’t try to fit into a smaller size dress just to look a little slimmer. It is always better to wear a comfortable dress when it is a matter of many hours.

Consider Your Body Type

Make sure that the wedding dress which you choose suits your body shape. If your body has an hourglass shape, then an off shoulder or a strapless dress will be perfect for you. Again those who have pear shaped bodies can go for puffy or padded sleeves. Brides with pear shaped bodies should avoid full length skirts and body hugging dresses. Off shoulder or Cinderella dresses will go with those having a short petite body. Beaded wedding dresses with long skirts and sleeves are suitable for those having a square figure.

Plan the Budget

Before choosing a wedding dress, fix your budget. Fixing the budget beforehand is always helpful as you will get the time to study many dresses with different styles, designs and costs. But consider only those dresses that suit your budget. It is not necessary that an expensive gown is better than the others. To get a beautiful wedding dress within your budget, you can opt for such shops that give discounts on sales. So, plan your budget first and then start hunting for the dress for that very special day.

There are different types of wedding dresses each with different designs, colours, materials, add ons and length. Among all these variations, selecting the right dress is very difficult. But if you consider the above-mentioned tips, the job of selecting the right designer wedding dress becomes easier.

Limo Service For Perfect Wedding


Many couples want to be married in the New-York City and Niagara Falls area. The area is very popular and romantic. In addition, the best way to get around the area is Limo Service For Perfect Wedding. A limo service can be used for pre wedding events and to chauffeur the wedding party to the reception. The wedding will be easier on the bride and groom by finding the right limo service. The process will be made easier by knowing where to find a limo service and choosing a service that will fit the needs of the wedding.

If the wedding is going to be in the New-York CityVan & Limo area then the search for a limo service should be from the same location. A limo service from the area will be familiar with the area and know how long it takes to get to each location. In addition, you want to find a company with a good reputation to make sure the wedding day goes smoothly. For instance, the car service being late can make the wedding start at a later time. This will lead to guests having to wait without having anything to eat and drink. Choosing a reputable company will have a lot to do with the success of the wedding.

Most bride and grooms have a lot of expenses when planning a wedding. New York is one of the most expensive places to have a wedding. The couple will have to decide how much of the budget will go towards a Buffalo limo service. Many limo companies offer special packages for weddings. The couple should ask about the discounts available. Most couples are able to find an affordable limousine service to suit their wedding needs.

When choosing a quality limo service, the couple will need to consider the following factors. Does the company have a website? Most companies are marketing online and any company without a website is still behind in the technology era. Also, you want to choose a company with a good reputation and have been around for a few years. The website should provide up to date information and current pictures of their cars.

To make a journey from one destination to another whether on the sky or on ground, only full luxurious and pleasure moments will leave memorable sight as well as hold your celebration in a style but most importantly when you have in the position to do all desire requirements in your functions accordingly. Whether you have wedding, fun, entertainment, or have night party the company has limousines with such kinds of perfect interior sides that meet your party needs at any time when you have to aspire it. Many limousine services proffer range of facilities according to the public requirements but providing high class service and full of luxury interior portion for anyone is a great challenge to meet your wedding and party needs but this company always tries level best to offer mind blowing limo service for you. Wedding and party limo services make sure the expectation you have in the shape of time you spend at any in our lavish carriers is glossy and slake.

Groom’s Fashion in Pakistan


Just like brides, grooms dressing are also of crucial importance for all wedding events. However, there are very limited options left for grooms to dress up according to the occasion in Pakistani wedding. The most common and trendy dress codes include; shalwarkameez, sherwani, kurta, waistcoats, or pant coats. You can see any of these no matter on what wedding day you are in Pakistan. However, with the advancement and versatility in wedding fashion, there is a constant change in the trends, so to be dressed up-to-date; you must know what is in trend when we talk about the groom’s dressing.

Remember that no matter how best the wedding photographer you have at your wedding, he will never be able to portray your stylish image until you have paid attention to your dressing and other minor details at your event. Here we bring some new ideas of how you can dress up as a groom on your wedding day.

The Mughal Attire:

You can add charisma to your wedding day by going with the traditional Mughal look. This look is well carried with jewelry carried on a turban and kurta that is slightly embroidered.  This will add some traditionally contemporary look to your wedding day dressing, keeping you trendy at the same time. You can add some jewelry for your turban as well.

 Feathered Prince Turban:

Yet another option for an antique look.This style is basically adapted from the Indian princes dressing style. It helps to make you look royal. Though it is not carried on the most common tone in our traditional wedding, but if you are a rebel by nature and you love to challenge everything, you must go for this style and rock the wedding event with your elegant style. The Rajhistani Style, from India, can also be a type of such a challenge. It’s contemporary and it’s elegant at the same time. Generally, therajhistani wedding theme is the one appreciated in Indian culture. If you are willing to go for this style you might get your bride dressed the same and even the venue can be decorated in the same way.

By going with this style at your wedding you can have a charming and long last remembered marriage ceremony. And you can keep the memories with you until the end if you go for the best wedding photographers in Islamabad.

Embroidered Sherwani:

Well, this one is quite easy to go with. It is stylish and admired by almost all, these days. It is liked by many people and can be available in a vast variety. At the same time will help  you to be trendy in an easy to deal with and hassle free manner.

Printed Sherwani:

You can get it in silk or any other material. Again with a vast variety of prints, colors, styles, and combination and are easily available in the market as well. The designers are making a unique combination of sherwani instead of plain single toned sherwani for men. You can get them in banarsi or jamwar stuff as well and with a number of different printed textures.

Some Accessories:

You can add a number of accessories to your antique or contemporary look to add more charm to your personality on your wedding day. While you visit the market,  you will surely get a number of items to be carried with you on your wedding day. You can go for a sword or daggers that are traditional bedazzled and are carried by grooms as a part of their costume.  And it helps them look royal. If you find it difficult to carry with you and still looking for some addition to your clothing, you can go for a decorative broach matching to your sherwani and surely it will help you look classy.

With all these tips, we wish you best of luck for your wedding day!



Linen beach wedding attire for men and boys


Planning a wedding can be both tedious and fun. From drawing up the budget, travel plans and guest lists to choosing a date and location, couples usually have a full plate. And, then, there is the small problem of what to wear on the big day. Beach-themed weddings and so-called destination beach weddings – on an actual beach somewhere tropical or in the summer, somewhere temperate – aren’t free from the rigors of planning especially when it comes to what to wear.

So, you’ve decided on an amazing dress. Maybe floaty bohemian style attire or a flowing white chiffon or maybe it’s a knee-length sundress. When picking a style, it is important that you consider dresses that complement what the men put on, as well as the scenery. You shouldn’t be dressed more formally than the guys, or underdressed. You shouldn’t be in a high neck silk dress in the summer. Men Beach Wedding Vests should complement in style and color. Here is a guideline to help you succeed in choosing perfect linen attires for men.

Linen breathes

Weddings on the beach in the summer or in the dry season in the tropics usually present one of two challenges: Beating the heat or combating sea breeze. Choosing light, airy, breathable attires is vital to enjoying the weather as much as the wedding. Linen is the foremost choice in this regard. You won’t be more comfortable in any other fabric. So, which linen Attire for beach wedding men should you go for? What styles will make the boys look handsome and comfortable? Here are some tips.

Linen shirts

Pretty much any long-sleeved Linen Shirts for Beach Wedding will do. You have to take care, though, to go for pastel colors. White is great and is easily the first choice. Be that as it may, you could also go for a simple, pale blue or pink button-up shirt to blend with the weather, suit color, as well as your dress. They could either go with carefully chosen ties in the case of cooler temperature or they could be open, unbuttoned at the first two buttons. There is also something to be said about print or pattern shirts. The rolled-sleeve unbuttoned look with suspenders is an example of the summary, relaxed effect.

Light shade suits

Perfectly tailored suits in light shades are great for a beach wedding. Light gray or brown two-button suits meld nicely with the cool, understated pastels of the chosen shirt. Pinstripe suits could complete a luxurious look. And, there is always something to be said for the ubiquitous navy blue. All the more so, if you opt for a nautical feels to complement the scenery. You could go for the preppy look if your wedding reception isn’t held in the same location. Tight fitting suit styles should be carefully chosen. The roomier, the better.

Shoes, hats, ties and accessories

Once you have chosen the shirt and suit styles, it’s time to determine how to accessorize. This can be done in several ways. Slip-on shoes, espadrilles for example and sandals are better than flip flops for that laid back look. Bright colored pocket squares and ties may complete a suave look.

The same goes for hats: Porkpies, fedoras, and trilbies are great for an iconic, scenic choice. These accessories complement the lightweight, unconstructed, light shade fabrics you choose to complement your dress style. So as you decide on which dress style fits the most, you’ll do well to keep in mind the groom and the groomsmen, as well as the location and the weather forecast for your chosen date. All these are not attire for women.

Imprison The Special Moments Of Your Wedding With Wedding Photography In Delhi



Wedding photography in Delhi is done by some of the trained and skilled artists who have attained special degree courses for the same. For special effects and customized photography, it is advisable to hire such Wedding Photographers in Delhi.

Your wedding day is the most special day of your life. You wait for so many years to welcome this day but after all it is as long as other days of life and will get over in the blink of an eye. Time passes and never comes back but one thing that can help you freeze those lovable memories of life is Pictures’. Yes, wedding photography is one aspect that captures each and every single occasion, event, and feeling of your wedding and keeps them alive as long as you wish, and even after you. But to attain best photography, it is important to hire professionals only, who have keen knowledge about the skill and who are thoroughly aware of those special effects.

Delhi being the capital city of India homes to some of the renowned and most proficient artists. Let it be any field, here you will be obliged to get services from the best people. In case of wedding photography in Delhi as well, people from far off cities and towns having a passion for their job comes to have a bright career ahead. They know the magic of doing beautiful shooting work. Moreover, they understand the feelings and purity of an event and therefore aim to shoot with their best of abilities.

Life keeps on changing. With every new day of life, you come across a new aspiration, a new aim and a new alteration. But pictures never change. In fact, these keep ringing a bell time and again to memorize you those amazing moments of life. Pictures are the best source to bring a smile on your face.

Well, if we particularly talk about wedding photography, then it plays different from all other types. Wedding is the most special day of your life and therefore its photography has to be special. And someone who can make this possible is a wedding photographer. But remember one thing, not any photographer can fetch you stylish and lively pictures; he has to be one who has excellent knowledge of modern techniques and who understands the concept of wedding photography Delhi. This could be a tough job in Delhi but today there exist so many renowned and experienced wedding planners who promise to offer you a best friend’s hand.

In Delhi, there exist a huge list of wedding photographers, but you need to choose the best one to make your wedding pictures exclusive and lively forever. The best way is to contact a wedding planner team as they will promise to offer you not only with the best wedding photographer Delhi but will also take the responsibility of so many other minor to major things. They have a team of photographers who acts as the primary lights in the fields of wedding photography and portrait photography. They have a trained eye for their job that makes them perform flawlessly.

Today there exist so many different courses and studies to acquire learning about the art of photography. Reputed universities offer theoretical as well as practical knowledge to learn the skill in most dexterous manner. And only those individuals take the best of it that are truly passionate towards the art. A wedding photographer should be formally well aware of the light techniques and secrets of the digital darkroom. It helps him improve his shooting skills. He should also be able to develop a strong portfolio as well as make a contemporary and social photography.