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3 Reasons To Opt For An Outdoor Wedding


The day you never forget, a very big moment for billions of people. No matter who you are, no matter your background, there will be unique elements that everyone brings to their wedding, no matter whether you want a fast, simple proceeding or you want to make the day yours, and share it with all your friends and family, an outdoor wedding will make it special.


As mentioned before, this is the day that most will agree that never gets forgotten. Why stop yourself from the memory of gazing at your partner outside, in a venue that you have arranged between yourselves, to truly make the moment yours? The outdoor venue is a blank canvas for you and your partner to begin to fill together, and all the following memories will be due to that.

Outdoors you are loosely limited to the opportunities of photographs, as natural light, alongside any supplementary lights you provide can create gorgeous opportunities that you can cherish from then on. For more on getting your memories made permanent, make sure to look at Rebecca Douglas Photography for more information.

Make it your own

Perhaps the best thing about an outdoor wedding is the sheer amount of control you grant yourself, everything can be just as you want it to be, and nothing is set in stone. The control obviously comes with a lot of responsibilities, but even down to the lighting, decor, music systems, chairs and bathroom facilities are all your choice. There are remarkable agencies that take your requests and simplify the process infinitely, whilst you retain full control of the proceedings.

There are many brilliant niche companies that have specific wedding functions, a good example being Event Washrooms, who have luxury wedding toilet trailers, with multiple ranges, and different levels of customisation.

After to speaking to Light It Up UK, they talked about how necessary the finishing touches were to make it perfect for you. “The extra touches really do make all the difference when planning your own outdoor wedding, nothing is quite the same as seeing such a beautiful event knowing it is dedicated to you and your loved one, by you and your loved one.”

Another brilliant option is to have pop-up bars, food vendors and entertainment right where you want them, when you want them there.

Cost and Opportunities

Hiring a building can run up especially high costs, especially a nice one. Hiring an outdoor area can be as simple as paying the landowner or friend, organising when and where everything is to arrive, and you have your venue set-up. The act of organising your own venue also means that you can have a much more personal ceremony, perhaps a location that holds a large amount of sentiment from both or either of you.

Having control over the costs allows you to budget more effectively, and as you can prioritise which to spend more on, you can focus on which part means the most to you. Some people opt for spending more on the afterparty than the ceremony, and others invest heavily in the ceremony and allow the afterparty to take its own course.

What makes you want an outdoor wedding? What do you love about them? Make sure to share your favourite elements of celebrating outdoors!