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How to Drop (The Right) Hints to Get the Ring You’re Dreaming Of


The idea of having a surprise engagement is incredibly romantic. How can you be surprised, and yet get the ring that you’ve always dreamed of? By steering your man subtly towards the ring style that you love, you can have the best of both worlds: the thrill of a surprise, plus the pleasure of getting the kind of ring that you would have picked out for yourself. How can you hit this perfect sweet spot? Use these steps to find the right balance between subtle and bold when it comes to dropping your hints.

1. Use Visuals


Your guy might not know exactly what you mean when you say things like “halo setting” or “princess cut”. To him, you’ll be speaking another language. Make your preferences clear by showing some visuals whenever you talk the talk. You can do this by stopping into a store “just for fun” when you are out shopping, or pointing to rings in magazines or online.

2. Make Casual Comments About Other People’s Rings

When a friend or family member gets engaged, talk about the ring and what you liked or didn’t like about it. This will be sure to get your partner’s wheels turning!


3. Don’t Get Pushy

Instead of making direct requests, simply talk about your preferences. It is up to your man to take what you say and make a decision based around what he knows about you and your unique style.

4. Use the Right Words

Here’s a list of phrases that you might try out:

“I’ve always dreamed about having a cluster setting”

“My favorite style has always been vintage diamond rings because…”

“I really love how simple and elegant this solitaire setting is”

“I can imagine having a platinum ring like this one day”

“I don’t think a yellow diamond is for me because…”

Don’t leave your partner guessing about what you prefer. He can’t read your mind! Give visuals, lots of feedback about other’s rings, and talk about your dream ring in subtle ways. These simple tactics sprinkled here and there will add up, and soon you’ll be putting the gorgeous ring of your dreams onto your finger. Are you ready to start dropping hints? Leave a comment below!