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How to Make Your Dream Mediterranean Wedding Come True (Even on a Budget)


Photographer: Studio Loha

Europe is such a beautiful and culture-rich continent that offers a plethora of options for couples who dream of exchanging their vows and celebrating their love in a mesmerizing and unforgettable offshore location.

Just imagine being wed surrounded by your dearest friends and loved ones in a lovely villa in Santorini, in the beaches of Ibiza, in a 19th century mansion in Italy, or in a luxurious resort in St. Tropez – who wouldn’t want that for an occasion that’s to be remembered for a lifetime?

But let’s face it, unlike Brad and Angelina, Kim and Kanye, or Justin and Jessica, not all of us have the luxury to just choose any European location and just get married there.

Plus, it is just not very wise to borrow money just so you can achieve that dream celebrity-ish Mediterranean wedding of yours.

So what to do? If you and your significant other simply don’t want to settle for a cookie-cutter wedding celebration, but have ‘just enough’ budget for a destination wedding, then we’ve got the exact tips you need!

Read on and we’ll tell you all the things you can do to get the style, ambiance, luxury, and pizzaz of a Mediterranean wedding with a modest budget.


Photographer: Alexey Leonov

(1) Country Costs: Stretch Your Budget

In selecting which country to hold your destination wedding, it is important that you do not only consider your preferences, but also how far your budget will go in that location.

Specific event and travel expenses to consider could include:

  • Cost of flights (distance from home matters)
  • Accommodation rates
  • Currency conversion
  • Cost of basic expenses (meals and transportation)
  • How professionals are paid
  • VAT, taxes and duties
  • Shipping costs
  • The cost of the paperwork, translation and processing of documents
  • Wedding vendors
  • Wedding venues

Remember, lovely Mediterranean wedding locations are not only limited to those that we see in magazines or on the internet. As a matter of fact, there are more stunning locations you can find under the radar but are most definitely cheaper. Examples are Croatia, Portugal, Budapest, and Turkey.

(2) Hire A Budget Keeper: Aka, Wedding Planner

Considering all the expenses listed above…

A destination wedding planner can be a miracle worker in helping you stick to a budget. In your mind you might think a planner is a frivolous expense, but for destination weddings, they are an invaluable resource.

Here’s how a wedding planner will help you stay on budget:

  • Set a budget you can live with
  • Keep to your budget
  • Find the best resources for the least investment
  • Negotiate rates with suppliers and venues
  • Uncover resources that help you cut costs
  • Creatively DIY personal touches
  • Get better rates from suppliers than are publicly listed

Regarding that last point -, the best wedding planners have such good relationships with local suppliers that they often get better rates for their clients than the vendors publish publicly because they are constantly bringing those suppliers new business!


Photographer: Elliot Nichol

(1) Venue Hunting: Get A Location That Requires Less Tweaking

If you really want to save a considerable amount of money on the venue of your ceremony and reception, you should consider these criteria:

  • The venue can host your ceremony, reception, and even the rehearsal dinner or after-party – saving you on booking additional sites
  • The place doesn’t require tenting
  • The venue is so stunning that you don’t really have to go all out in designing, styling and decorating it
  • The venue allows ‘partial booking/rental’ so that if you have a smaller wedding you don’t have to rent out the entire property
  • They provide free setup and decor for events – fresh flowers is nice to have included too
  • Catering and hosted bar is included as an in-house service
  • The location of the venue is near the airport and the lodging where you and your guests will be staying so that you incur less transportation costs

(2) Season Selection – Off-peak Perks

Booking plane tickets, hotel accommodations, your venue and suppliers during the wrong time of year can quickly burn a hole in your pocket.

During peak season, airlines, resorts and wedding suppliers often raise rates. It’s their busiest time of year and they are often booked solid, so they charge more for these prime dates.

However, if you’re willing to take the time to understand which dates are off-season, you can get jaw-dropping deals on everything related to your destination wedding.

  1. First, you’ll want to avoid popular national and international holidays when every other tourist is visiting the country too.
  2. Second, you’ll want to consider specialty local events, festivals and conventions that attract tourists during certain days of the year.
  3. Next, it’s smart to take a look at weather patterns. The nicer the weather, the more in-demand weddings will be. Avoid these dates.
  4. Then, and most importantly, speak with a local wedding planner or provider to find out what they consider their off-season to be. This is most likely when you’ll receive the most aggressive rates.
  5. Finally, plan far in advance. The earlier you book vendors, the better rates you’ll get because many may offer incentives for reserving in advance. Likewise, you can get a head start on hunting for the best airline tickets and accommodations. Monitoring travel sites daily will allow you to jump on any flash sales and daily deals when they arise.


Photographer: Elliot Nichol

(1) Local Love – Use Native Vendors

While you might be tempted to hire your vendors in your home country and fly them all into your destination, this is a very costly approach and will burn your budget fast.

Not only can local destination suppliers be more affordable – especially when leveraging your wedding planner’s connections – they will spare you any travel, accommodation and food costs. Not to mention the supplier’s own travel fees and daily stipend requirements.

Don’t be afraid to explore local talent and businesses – you’ll be surprised to find those who provide the same (or even better) quality for a reasonable investment.

Whether it’s a local florist in France, a caterer in Croatia, a singer in Spain, a videographer in Venice or a wedding planner in Malta, discover how authentic your Mediterranean wedding will be when you support the local businesses that represent the native culture best.

(2) Pare Down – Keep It Intimate.

One of the quickest ways to watch your budget get out of hand is to add too many guests to your invitation list. Every person represents more costs in venue space, catering food, beverages, decor, favors, travel and accommodations.

Because you’ve decided to tie the knot in a far-off location, it is actually easier to trim your guest list. We know that it sure is a challenge to exclude some of your friends, colleagues, and even relatives. Don’t be afraid to select only those who are dearest to you. Because believe us when we say -they will understand.

That is actually the beauty of having a destination wedding. Most of the people you know won’t expect to be invited, or, not many of them would actually be present because of the expenses and commitment it entails. Hence, it’s truly the perfect opportunity to make your wedding a more private, more personal, and a more heartfelt one.

Start Imagining Your Mediterranean Wedding Today

Remember that your destination wedding in the Mediterranean can be within reach. Follow these 6 simple tips and you’ll be amazed at how feasible your far-off nuptial dream really is!



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