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whats black and red and romantic all over your wedding

Striking, elegant, and highly romantic a Black and red tungsten ring themed wedding is unusual and classy. Here are some ideas for putting together a red and black wedding.

Everyone knows that the wedding invitation conveys more than the time and place of a wedding. It sets the tone, formality, dress, and color scheme of the event as well. For a red and black wedding, consider making your own special invitations using colored cardstock, stationary paper, vellum, and ribbon from your local craft store. Not only is this usually more economical than purchasing invitations it is also more memorable since you can put together exactly the kind of invitation you want.

When a wedding’s theme is based around the colors, flower choice becomes extremely important to many people. If you can’t find flowers you like in a certain color, for example black, consider using white silk flowers and having them dyed. There are many red flower choices including Begonias, Carnations, Dahlias, Foxglove, Gerbera Daisies, Hibiscus, Poinsettia, Red Roses, and Tulips. Black flowers are usually a deep purple but will look black under low lighting. Bearded Iris – ‘Superstition’, Black or Chocolate Cosmos, Dahlia -‘Arabian Night’, Fritillaria, Pincushion Flower Scabiosa – ‘Ace of Spades’, Black Pansy, and Black Tulips are a few examples.

Decorating for a black and red wedding is so easy to do and can be done very economically as well. Consider wrought iron candleholders with red candles for an elegant look or black and red balloon bouquets for a more informal occasion. Candles are always a great choice for centerpieces. What about a grouping of red candles with black ribbon and black stones or black candles with red ribbon and red rose petals? Or bare tree branches painted black with red ornaments hung from the branches?

“The beauty is in the details” according to ancient wisdom and that is certainly true for weddings. Considering adding hints of your black and red theme to accessories such as black ribbon bow tied around the stems of your champagne flutes with a red rose bud in the center. Or a black garter with red heart charm or flowers.

Don’t forget to make your flower girl’s basket fit your theme by spray painting a small basket black and filling it with red rose petals and tying on a red bow or rose. The tungsten rings bearer’s pillow can be either red with black ribbon or black with red ribbon – either combination looks amazing. Pew markers of a single red rose tied with a black ribbon would be a simple yet lavish looking effect.