5 Reasons to Book a Luxurious Country House Hotel as Your Wedding Venue

The venue is one of the most important aspects of your big day, so it’s crucial that you feel comfortable in it as a home away from home. Because of this, it’s hardly a surprise that so many couples opt to get wed in country house hotels for optimum luxury and class.

Country house hotels exude all things stylish and offer a great many perks which you can take advantage of on your wedding day. If you’re still not convinced, here are 5 reasons to book a luxurious country house hotel as your wedding venue.

 The exclusivity

An exclusive wedding venue refers to a venue which is solely used for your wedding and many country house hotels have exclusivity as an option.

We spoke to Broadoaks Country House & Garden Suites who said: “Hiring an exclusive use venue is a great way to ensure that your big day is memorable. The exclusivity of a venue ensures that all staff on site have their full attention focused on your wedding, so there’s less room for any slip ups and you’ll have an extra personal touch.”

“You also won’t run the risk of having to share the venue with another wedding party, so we definitely recommend choosing an exclusive venue for your wedding.”

 The scenery

Luxurious country house hotels provide you with the ultimate romantic setting; think tranquil landscaped gardens and peaceful waters.

The air of intimacy and privacy present on the stunning grounds of a luxurious country house hotel will be endlessly relaxing and having this scenery as the backdrop to your wedding pictures will make for the most incredible photographs for your album.

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 The rooms

For quaint boutique rooms perfect for you and your wedding guests, you can count on country house hotels to deliver. Often offering you the lap of luxury when it comes to accommodation, country house hotels will provide comfort and style – just what you and your guests deserve!

 The food

It’s not uncommon for country house hotels to be equipped with award winning restaurants on-site and what better way is there to thank your guests for their attendance than feeding them some top-notch grub.

Food can be a challenge to co-ordinate at a wedding, but you can almost guarantee that dinner at a country house hotel won’t disappoint. If you’re still trying to decide what to feed your wedding guests, read this post on eight foods to not serve at your wedding.

 The security

Safety and security are especially important if you have children at your wedding as little ones have a talent for trouble and getting into hard to reach spaces. Because country house hotels often have the option for exclusive hire, they’re usually more secure than venues which allow any member of the public in.

With just your wedding party on-site, it will be safer for children to blow off some steam around the grounds and you can even organise games like treasure hunts around the grounds of the hotel to keep them entertained.

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons why you should book a luxurious country house hotel as your wedding venue, and this post is just scratching the surface! There are so many perfect venues out there, so get looking.