5 Top Tips for Planning the Perfect Destination Wedding


If you are considering a destination wedding, tempted by the thought of escaping Britain to tie the knot or even hate the idea, ahead of either booking your flights or else turning your back on doing so in order to say ‘I do’, give these 5 top tips a read. As well as providing food for thought for those already sold on a destination wedding, they might just tempt those not yet sold on the prospect of beginning their honeymoon ahead of saying their vows.

  1. Don’t Buy into the Stereotypes

As much as many of us would deny it and like to think we’re more worldly and cultured than to fall into the mistake of thinking the stereotypes are true – let’s face it, we all do it. We think of the south of France and instantly chateau venues flash in our minds, for example. But just as country houses and palaces aren’t all Britain has to offer would-be-weds who stay at home to get hitched, neither are these proscriptive ideas true of other countries.

To prove this point, take a moment to consider and compare, for example, both the Beach House Resort and the Alexandra Resort. Both situated in the same region of the Caribbean country of Turks and Caicos and in fact both poised along the world’s best beach, these resorts couldn’t be more different, outside or in. Whilst both offer genuine luxury, first class amenities and exquisite service, even just comparing the two from the outside instantly reveals their major difference.

Whilst the Beach House is a colonial mansion and inside offers a unique boutique experience and choice of stunning and spacious self contained suites, the Alexandra is a more traditionally styled and designed hotel resort that provides the perfect cost saving venue in TCI without forcing would-be-weds to have to compromise on either luxury or location. Hence, never write off a destination or resort either based on prejudices and preconceptions; you might just be writing off your dream venue, after all.

  1. Don’t Make the Mistake of Thinking a Destination Wedding = More Stress

According to this Daily Mail Newspaper article, one in four men rank wedding planning as more stressful for them than their brides. Meanwhile, one in six brides claim planning a wedding is the most stressful event of their life, and this is something almost a quarter of those hitched (male and female) agree on.

Short of throwing a lacklustre wedding or forgoing the idea of a ‘big day’ either in scale or entirely, what can couples do to alleviate the stress? The answer is actually to just do away with planning it yourself. Rather than add the cost of a wedding planner here in the UK to your budget though, enlist the help of one by budgeting for a destination wedding abroad and not only are you likely to save yourselves a whole lot of stress but a whole lot of money potentially too.

Most wedding packages resorts offer, and this is true of resorts the world over, include the services of either a wedding planner or more likely a resort’s own team of wedding planning staff that can do everything ahead of your arrival from sort the ceremony to get the wedding favours finished, arrange the cake and even have the champagne ready. Then, before re-thinking throwing a destination wedding on account of believing planning a wedding away is more trouble than planning one at home, explore your options – chances are you will be pleasantly surprised, and in more ways than one.

  1. Timing is Everything

Whilst the UK experiences four seasons that the rain can seem to blur into one long drizzly winter all too often, this isn’t true of many other countries. In fact, some countries, especially those in theCaribbean might seem to enjoy constant sun and a forever summer, but with a tropical climate comes a hurricane season. Hence, it really is important to plan your dates carefully and to avoid being lured into booking during certain times due to great looking offers. Every storm cloud might have a silver lining, but equally and suffice to say every silver lining has a storm cloud.

  1. Cut the Cost of Getting Married and Afford a Honeymoon Abroad

As aforementioned in the third tip to make this list, a destination wedding can actually come in at far less than the average cost of booking a wedding and all that goes with it here in the UK. Hence, a destination wedding is a fantastic idea to really think about for those concerned that affording their dream big day could mean sacrificing a honeymoon abroad.

For more advice on how to save by moving your wedding overseas and save as much as £12,000 potentially, give the This is Money website article: Where to book a dream wedding for less and how to avoid a budget-breaking nightmare, a read.

  1. Broaden Your Horizons

To end on a rather exciting note, the fifth tip when thinking of throwing a dream destination wedding is to dream big – or, at least to cast your net wide.

That is, if you are going to buck the trend and do something as exciting as head abroad to get hitched, why not make the most of the opportunity by looking to unusual, exotic and far flung locations in which to do it, such as Japan beneath where couples can marry breathtaking cheery blossoms, Iceland to get hitched in an ice hotel or with the Northern Lights as a backdrop or even in the Grand Canyon; there really is an entire world of possibilities out there.

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