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Tips To Select The Right Designer Wedding Dress

awA beautiful wedding dress is the most important part of a woman’s preparation for her wedding day. A beautifully designed wedding dress is what any bride will want. Wedding dress also comes under the wedding plans of the day. But choosing and buying the perfect wedding dress which will suit the bride is a tedious job. There are different types of wedding gowns or dresses and most of them are very beautiful along with the cost factor. When you have a lot of options it becomes very confusing which one to choose. Keeping in mind all these aspects, it might become very tough for you to select the right designer wedding dress. But there are certain tips which might help you to solve the problem. wedding gowns is no longer a difficult thing. There are so many types of wedding gowns on the market. You have a lot of choices to select a suitable bridal gown. You are sure to find the most beautiful dress that fits your body shape perfectly.
Magazines and the Internet

At the very beginning you can take the help of a wedding magazine. Such magazines give many tips on different wedding plans including wedding dresses. There are magazines for different designer wedding dresses and from these magazines you can make a selection of few of your favourite dresses. There are websites also offering you with great ideas on wedding dresses. You can take the help of these sources for choosing a wedding dress.

Consider the Comfort

You can select a wedding dress after you have spotted it in a magazine or on the Internet or in any shop. But before buying that always consider your comfort level with the dress. Your comfort with the dress depends on the season, fabric and size. For example, if it is winter then it is advisable to choose a wedding dress with sleeves. Laces are always very beautiful and attractive but make sure that they don’t touch your skin all the time as they might be irritating after few hours. Always buy the wedding dress of your size. Don’t try to fit into a smaller size dress just to look a little slimmer. It is always better to wear a comfortable dress when it is a matter of many hours.

Consider Your Body Type

Make sure that the wedding dress which you choose suits your body shape. If your body has an hourglass shape, then an off shoulder or a strapless dress will be perfect for you. Again those who have pear shaped bodies can go for puffy or padded sleeves. Brides with pear shaped bodies should avoid full length skirts and body hugging dresses. Off shoulder or Cinderella dresses will go with those having a short petite body. Beaded wedding dresses with long skirts and sleeves are suitable for those having a square figure.

Plan the Budget

Before choosing a wedding dress, fix your budget. Fixing the budget beforehand is always helpful as you will get the time to study many dresses with different styles, designs and costs. But consider only those dresses that suit your budget. It is not necessary that an expensive gown is better than the others. To get a beautiful wedding dress within your budget, you can opt for such shops that give discounts on sales. So, plan your budget first and then start hunting for the dress for that very special day.

There are different types of wedding dresses each with different designs, colours, materials, add ons and length. Among all these variations, selecting the right dress is very difficult. But if you consider the above-mentioned tips, the job of selecting the right designer wedding dress becomes easier.

Groom’s Fashion in Pakistan


Just like brides, grooms dressing are also of crucial importance for all wedding events. However, there are very limited options left for grooms to dress up according to the occasion in Pakistani wedding. The most common and trendy dress codes include; shalwarkameez, sherwani, kurta, waistcoats, or pant coats. You can see any of these no matter on what wedding day you are in Pakistan. However, with the advancement and versatility in wedding fashion, there is a constant change in the trends, so to be dressed up-to-date; you must know what is in trend when we talk about the groom’s dressing.

Remember that no matter how best the wedding photographer you have at your wedding, he will never be able to portray your stylish image until you have paid attention to your dressing and other minor details at your event. Here we bring some new ideas of how you can dress up as a groom on your wedding day.

The Mughal Attire:

You can add charisma to your wedding day by going with the traditional Mughal look. This look is well carried with jewelry carried on a turban and kurta that is slightly embroidered.  This will add some traditionally contemporary look to your wedding day dressing, keeping you trendy at the same time. You can add some jewelry for your turban as well.

 Feathered Prince Turban:

Yet another option for an antique look.This style is basically adapted from the Indian princes dressing style. It helps to make you look royal. Though it is not carried on the most common tone in our traditional wedding, but if you are a rebel by nature and you love to challenge everything, you must go for this style and rock the wedding event with your elegant style. The Rajhistani Style, from India, can also be a type of such a challenge. It’s contemporary and it’s elegant at the same time. Generally, therajhistani wedding theme is the one appreciated in Indian culture. If you are willing to go for this style you might get your bride dressed the same and even the venue can be decorated in the same way.

By going with this style at your wedding you can have a charming and long last remembered marriage ceremony. And you can keep the memories with you until the end if you go for the best wedding photographers in Islamabad.

Embroidered Sherwani:

Well, this one is quite easy to go with. It is stylish and admired by almost all, these days. It is liked by many people and can be available in a vast variety. At the same time will help  you to be trendy in an easy to deal with and hassle free manner.

Printed Sherwani:

You can get it in silk or any other material. Again with a vast variety of prints, colors, styles, and combination and are easily available in the market as well. The designers are making a unique combination of sherwani instead of plain single toned sherwani for men. You can get them in banarsi or jamwar stuff as well and with a number of different printed textures.

Some Accessories:

You can add a number of accessories to your antique or contemporary look to add more charm to your personality on your wedding day. While you visit the market,  you will surely get a number of items to be carried with you on your wedding day. You can go for a sword or daggers that are traditional bedazzled and are carried by grooms as a part of their costume.  And it helps them look royal. If you find it difficult to carry with you and still looking for some addition to your clothing, you can go for a decorative broach matching to your sherwani and surely it will help you look classy.

With all these tips, we wish you best of luck for your wedding day!



5 Reasons to Get Married in the Lake District


Undecided as to where to marry? Wherever you opt to tie the proverbial knot is likely to from that day on hold a special place in yours and your partner’s hearts. Hence, getting it right is not simply a matter of throwing the perfect big day; rather, you will need to find a location that ticks every box. One such location is the Lake District, and to answer the question as of why, here are just five reasons.

  1. Historic and Romantic Venues

Is there a single Brit who didn’t growing up or in adulthood sigh over the idea of the perfect countryhouse wedding? For those living in the south affording to realise that dream, even in a countryhouse hemmed in by cities, traffic and urbanity on all sides, can prove unrealistic.

Meanwhile, here in the North that is not only a realisable dream, but one which is easily realised. After all, the north is home to the country’s best countryside and most of it, as well as (and albeit arguably) the best stately houses and traditional wedding venues in the entire country, as well as being a far more affordable place to plan a wedding. Don’t believe it? Take a quick look, for example, at the three offerings provided by Lake District Country Hotels, which you can explore via the Lake District Country Hotels website.

Of their three strong choice of potential Lake District situated wedding venues, pay particular attention to Trip Advisor Hall of Fame featured and four star luxury Cragwood House. Cragwood House makes a particularly special Lake District venue as it is large enough to comfortably house a wedding party whilst also providing a unique level of intimacy and charm.

  1. A Windermere Wedding

Lake Windermere is the Lake District National Park’s most famous and revered water, despite in actual fact not being technically a lake at all. None the less, its beauty is undeniable, as is the beauty of its surrounding towns and villages.

Better yet, Lake Windermere’s sheer length means that many of the most popular, stunning, curious, characterful and all-round lovely towns, villages and places worth exploring whilst there can consequently be reached by crossing the Lake via boat, which is a far more romantic, scenic and relaxing way to explore the heart of the district than by ending up stuck in the car. What’s more, visitors needn’t worry about honing their rowing skills (or picking any skills or oars up for that matter; as explained in more detail via the Lake District website, Lake Windermere is well serviced by both ferry and boat cruises.

  1. Because You Can’t Beat Good Old Northern Grub

There is nowhere like the North for traditional, hearty and wholesome English grub – and nowhere like the Lake District and North West for those in search of the best culinary delights with which to wow their guests on their wedding day.

From Cumberland sausages to Kendal mint cake to Lancashire hot pot, the wealth of countryside, clean air and dedicated farmers that populate the area, as well as its proximity to Morecambe Bay (one of Britain’s best areas for cockles and source of much of the region’s fresh seafood), this makes planning a wedding day feast just about anywhere in the North West a cinch – and an affordable one too. In fact, the supreme choice of high quality organic, locally sourced and super fresh produce in the area and surrounding it can prove a little overwhelming, but makes The Lakes the perfect place for soon-to-be-wed-foodies to say ‘I do’.

For a truly special wedding favour idea that celebrates the region’s huge and important role in introducing spices to UK cuisine, turn to the Sarah Nelson’s Grasmere Gingerbread Shop. Making traditional Grasmere gingerbread, this place has been visited by the Royal Family, Tom Cruise and countless other celebrities and is said to create the tastiest gingerbread in the world. Meanwhile, for a wedding cake certain to wow your guests and provide the proverbial cherry to top off your perfect big day, look no further than award winning Lancashire based bakery, The Pink Frosting Cake Company.

  1. Wedding Photos that Look Like they’ve Been Taken in Eden

Home to some of the world’sgreenest countryside and most quintessentially British and romantic scenery, as well as breathtaking botany and waters, it is no wonder the region was quickly adopted by and became synonymous with the nature loving Romantic poets.

To see for yourself a taste of the backdrops, beauty and majestic views you will wake up to and can choose to marry and take your photos infront of by choosing toget hitched in The Lakes, simply head over to the Go Lakes Travel website.

  1. Come to Celebrate the Perfect Wedding Day…and Stay to Enjoy the Perfect Honeymoon

Brexit has already had a marked effect on the holidaying habits of us Brits. As reported via The Daily Mail Newspaper Online,the vote result has been linked directly to the sudden surgein Brits deciding to take staycations rather than holiday abroad. With locations like The Lakes on our doorstep though and millions travelling from places as far flung as China and South America just to marvel at the Lake District, there is no better time to make the most of only being a short car journey away – the only shame is that it has taken ‘Brexit’ for many to realise it.

With your big day done and dusted, why not wave off your nearest and dearest and opt to stay for a week or two to enjoy a truly unique honeymoon in one of the most luscious and naturally awe-inspiring places in the world? What is more, honeymooning in the Lake District guaranteesBrits at least will always be able to return to the region to celebrate anniversaries as it is a location on your doorstep, and what a location it is. And to learn more about what makes The Lakes so romantic, head over to the official UK Government run Lake District website.

Ways To Select For Perfect Wedding Dress

Choosing the right wedding dress for the most important event in your life like wedding day can be very stressful for the bride. If you will allow your emotions to gets in the way of the selection process, then you can end up choosing a very expensive wedding dress. The first thing that a bride needs to know is how to choose a wedding dress? If you will make an effort to find the right information, then you can have a good shopping experience and will surely find something that will suite your taste and preference without spending too much. There are several things that you need to consider. You have the option to buy second hand wedding dress if you are low in budget. There are women who sell second hand wedding dress. These are women who would like to help others find that perfectly fit wedding dress at a reasonable cost.

It is better if you can find something that will flatter your figure. It is natural for brides to feel excited, but most of them tend to buy the first wedding dress that delights them. It is important to always think realistically and practically when it comes to the selection of the perfect wedding gown. It is best if you will choose from various choices that suits your budget. This is because not all types and cut of wedding dresses looks great on all body types. If you saw a gown that looks perfect on a model, then it does not mean that it will look the same way on you. If you think that you have similar body type as the model, then it might suits you well. You can buy second hand wedding dress instead.

There are websites showing a specific body shape, size and type of a woman. It is important to locate this kind of website if you are planning to buy online from those who sell second hand wedding dress. It is a must to choose the one with similar body type to ensure that the wedding gown will look stunning on you. You can ask your close friends and family members for their opinion to have a different point of view. It is always important to only choose according to your preferred budget. Every wedding has its definite budget and you must stick to it whatever happens. To do this with ease, then you can limit your choices as early as possible to gowns that you can afford.

In case you find something that you really like but it is way too expensive for your budget, then it is better if you will compare it first to other wedding dresses. As you find information it is important to opt for white dresses. This is the traditional and common colors for wedding dress, so you will surely find overwhelming options. If you think that you are not suitable for white colored dress, then it is fine as there are other shades for you to choose from. There are variations of white colors, so you do not have to stick to just plain white wedding gown. You can choose one that will make your skin look stunning, beautiful and glowing.

Buy Wedding Dress Online

Every bride-to-be looks forward to a dream wedding where she looks perfect with a perfect wedding dress, the perfect accessories, perfect make-up, and perfect hair do and like, only to complement the perfect glow on her blissful face and the perfect groom who would be standing beside her. Shopping for a wedding dress could be a tedious job especially if the bride is not really sure about what she wants and the price she’s willing to pay for one. Sometimes, one would hesitate even to enquire about their dream dress, taking it for granted that it would be beyond her budget.
In that case, we would only prove to be your savior. The dress of your dreams along with its details is now only a click away. So you may now, never have to regret or compromise by buying anything but your dream dress. The pictures of a wide range of wedding dresses are displayed on the website along with its size, price and other details. You may even be lucky enough to get a discount. The website takes care to display the dresses from various angles to give you a proper idea of the design. This definitely saves you from regretting once you have bought the wedding dress online because of its perfect front looks but weren’t aware that the design at the back is very unlike your tastes.
Shopping has now become a global affair. It has managed to cross all those physical boundaries, thanks to the internet. The market has literally shrunk over the internet. Now none can stop you from having your dream dress, even if it were available at some shop in a foreign land. The main advantage of buying a wedding dress online is that it saves you a lot of time while giving you access to a large variety of designs, all at one glance along with its details.
However, certain things should be taken care of, before you take the final leap to buy the wedding dress online. The provision for buying a wedding dress online is specifically for chilled out and easy going brides. It wouldn’t really be a good thing if you were tied up in time constraints and still preferred to buy one online and then you keep bothering yourself waiting for its arrival. One must take care to spare a sufficient amount of time for shipping in of the dress (as is specified on the website). Also, it would only help if the bride has an idea of what she is exactly looking for and is aware of the budget she has put aside for the dress. This would help avoid overspending. One may even get themselves measured by professionals. They’ll, then, have a better idea while purchasing the dress for a particular size. It would also help to look out for a tailor, in advance, who could alter the dress to fit your size just in case you need to. Also, it would be wise to use safe payment systems once you have chosen the right dress for purchasing.