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How to Drop (The Right) Hints to Get the Ring You’re Dreaming Of


The idea of having a surprise engagement is incredibly romantic. How can you be surprised, and yet get the ring that you’ve always dreamed of? By steering your man subtly towards the ring style that you love, you can have the best of both worlds: the thrill of a surprise, plus the pleasure of getting the kind of ring that you would have picked out for yourself. How can you hit this perfect sweet spot? Use these steps to find the right balance between subtle and bold when it comes to dropping your hints.

1. Use Visuals


Your guy might not know exactly what you mean when you say things like “halo setting” or “princess cut”. To him, you’ll be speaking another language. Make your preferences clear by showing some visuals whenever you talk the talk. You can do this by stopping into a store “just for fun” when you are out shopping, or pointing to rings in magazines or online.

2. Make Casual Comments About Other People’s Rings

When a friend or family member gets engaged, talk about the ring and what you liked or didn’t like about it. This will be sure to get your partner’s wheels turning!


3. Don’t Get Pushy

Instead of making direct requests, simply talk about your preferences. It is up to your man to take what you say and make a decision based around what he knows about you and your unique style.

4. Use the Right Words

Here’s a list of phrases that you might try out:

“I’ve always dreamed about having a cluster setting”

“My favorite style has always been vintage diamond rings because…”

“I really love how simple and elegant this solitaire setting is”

“I can imagine having a platinum ring like this one day”

“I don’t think a yellow diamond is for me because…”

Don’t leave your partner guessing about what you prefer. He can’t read your mind! Give visuals, lots of feedback about other’s rings, and talk about your dream ring in subtle ways. These simple tactics sprinkled here and there will add up, and soon you’ll be putting the gorgeous ring of your dreams onto your finger. Are you ready to start dropping hints? Leave a comment below!

Helpful Tips in Picking the Perfect Wedding Jewelry

All girls want the best for their wedding. In fact, even on the early stage of preparation the bride is almost overtaken by her excitement to choose the best gown and the best wedding jewelry. They want to look on their best on their wedding day that is way they are putting much effort to locate the ideal dress and accessories. It is a common mannerism perhaps. However, most brides become clueless on the accuracy of their jewelry so what happens is that they are beaten by their jewelry. Brides often notice the top but they fail to notice the appropriateness of their jewelry. Brides are supposed to be wearing their jewelry and not the other way around.

Choosing an accurate wedding jewelry undergo several considerations. To give you a clearer point of view on how to choose the accurate jewelry, here are some helpful tips:

A wedding ring is significant

If there is one kind of jewelry that is known to be most important in a wedding day, there should be nothing else to mention but a wedding ring. You have the option to wear other kind of rings, it is not restricted. Nevertheless, that should come from a well think decision. You must be careful when deciding for the kind of ring to wear on your wedding. Put into mind that the wedding ring is powerful enough to showpiece your hand. Never allow your other rings t outshine the significance of your wedding ring. Choose simple and elegant rings.

Match it to the wedding gown

After selecting the kind of wedding ring to wear and the other kinds of ring that you shall wear along with it, proceed on choosing other suitable wedding jewelries to put on. These jewelries must complete your entire look. In selecting jewelries, always make sure that they will match to your wedding dress. Jewelries should compliment your wedding dress; otherwise it will look awkward and inappropriate. Do not use pink purse if you are wearing white dress.

Hair color and skin tone

Maintain a fair balance on your chosen jewelries and on your facial appearance. Manage to maintain things simple. Never consider the combination of white gown, red hair, and yellow shoes. You should know very well that they will look awful. Shoes with crystals or diamonds can decline the prettiness of your wedding gown.

Maintain a fair standard

Manage to look outstanding, however do not exaggerate it nor understate it. It is most ideal to choose flexible wedding jewelries, something that will look excellent regardless of what you wear. You can use pearls. Pearls are perfect for any kinds of dress. They also put in some class without having to outdo the bride. Pearls can definitely look beautiful and elegant on a wedding day.

Wedding jewelry based on time

If your wedding is going to happen during daylight, avoid wearing jewelries that are too flamboyant. For evening wedding, wearing flashy jewelries can deliver a dazzling look.

Be safe on diamonds

Choose on some of the simple diamonds if you are not still certain. They put in a little glamour as it manages to look elegant. Some may not be able to afford diamonds, if that is the case choose the Swarovski Crystals. Swarovski Crystals give similar effect but they cost you affordable amount. Look beautiful on your wedding. Follow the above tips in choosing the perfect jewelry.

Wedding Jewelry – Getting the Best From the Best

Buying her own wedding jewelry is one of the best experiences a woman can have. However, that can be very confusing too, unless of course she knows what she wants and has enough money to pay for it. Diamond jewelry, set in platinum can be very beautiful, but they can also be very expensive and beyond the reach of many of us. At the same time, one has to keep in mind that diamonds and platinum are not the last word in jewelry. There can be other comparatively inexpensive materials that can produce equally beautiful effect.

Instead of platinum, you can use gold or silver. Bracelets, pendants, chains, necklaces and earrings made of such metals, embellished with other precious or semi precious stones can be as beautiful too. The designs too can vary greatly. There are traditional designs that are time-tasted and then again, there can be contemporary designs that are equally beautiful. If you are having a theme wedding, you can have your wedding jewelry specially designed to suit the occasion.

Buying wedding jewelry or wedding hair accessories from the Internet is also very convenient these days. Search for the best websites that are offering the wedding jewelry of your choice. If you find the wedding jewelry that you are looking out for; stop at that website and check out the other details such as:
• How to place an order
• Payment modes
• Delivery of the wedding jewelry

For placing the order, you just need to follow the direction provided by the website. As for taking delivery, the website will provide information on how many days will be required before they can ship the items. Check this out before you put in the order. You should also check for other term and conditions, if there is any. Payment is generally made by credit card.

Online shopping of wedding jewelry is generally done when people don’t have the time to buy the wedding jewelry or when they are not aware of the best wedding jewelry. If you have selected the wedding planner for your wedding, you can take the professional help of that person and get to know the best places to buy the wedding jewelry. If you are going shopping from one bridal store to another store, make sure to make a good comparison before making the selection of the jewelry.

Although it seems that there is certain amount of risk involved in such a mode of shopping, if you are careful there is almost no chance being defrauded. Therefore, let us concentrate more on selecting suitable wedding jewelry or other types of accessories. If you cannot decide on your own, you can always take professional help. If you have any wedding coordinator, he or she should be able to do that. Moreover, such a person should be able to direct you to good shops too.

We know that making a comparison of prices before choosing a particular product is a prerequisite of sensible shopping and this is equally true of wedding jewelry or wedding hair accessories. Also, remember that you will have to buy jewelries for the bridesmaids and other wedding party members. One needs to buy especial gifts, which is generally jewelry, for the maid of honor too. If you know how to buy online, you can make all these purchases from the comfort of your home and in your own time.

Most would feel that the wedding hair accessories should not be given a great deal of attention. The wedding hair accessories are equally important when compared with the other bridal items. The wedding hair accessories include headbands, beach, vintage, hair flowers, tiaras, hair combs, hair pins and so on. These may be very small items, but the value they contain is too great. You will have to be very meticulous when you are selecting the wedding hair accessories.

If you are totally confused on the types of wedding hair accessories, you can log on to a good bridal website and get all the information you need. If you hire a wedding consultant or wedding planner, you can use his or her services to get the best wedding hair accessories for the wedding.

Summer Wedding Jewelry Trends

Wedding Day is definitely ‘one of the biggest days’ in every woman’s life. She wants to look her best for this special occasion. Though women arrange their hair and do makeup every day. But wedding hair and makeup needs specific treatment. And not only this, choosing fabulous wedding jewelry matching with wedding dress is one of the key tasks for every bride-to-be.

Wedding jewelry plays very important role when deciding for a wedding outfit. After deciding the type and color of wedding gown, every bride looks for fabulous jewelry that can add grace to her wedding outfit. For this, she looks and searches for the latest jewelry trends, so that she can look her best on her special day.

Current trends in bridal jewelry and accessories are actually similar to fashion trends going on for this summer. Wedding jewelry trends that are going this season are chandelier earrings, statement necklaces and bangles, stacked cuffs, cocktail rings, and these all are rage for a fashionable bride. All mentioned jewelry items are in for wedding jewelry. Let’s, begin with main topic:

Bold Necklaces:

Wedding jewelry, traditionally, is kept simple & feminine so that it can highlight bride and her gown. This season big and bold jewelry is taking over the wedding scene. Large bib necklaces are expected to be huge hit with brides this year. Vintage designed necklaces bedeck with soft, feminine pearls and sparkling gemstones are perfect statement piece to add to any gown. Bib necklaces worn with up-swept hair styles and gowns those drapes off shoulder are also very popular with brides.

Pearl and Stone Jewelry:

For a simple romantic look, stick with traditional strand of pearls & diamond studs. Consider layering strands of different sized pearls to update look. For extra touch of flair, throw in something unexpected. Select one or two strands with sparky rhinestones or black Tahitian pearls. This feminine and sophisticated style will be a standout statement on wedding.


Big chandelier earrings are, also big this season. And hence no reason to leave this trend behind on wedding day. Dangling earrings with a vintage twist are also in. Soft metallics like gold and bronze are good choices in earrings. White, rose or ivory pearls always scream vintage. Chandelier earrings will frame the face perfectly with an updo hairstyle.

Hair Pins:

Hair Pins with tiaras & veils being shorter and smaller counts in fashion style. Showing up pins, on wedding dresses, too have variety made from diamonds or rhinestones. Hair accessories enhance hair beauty and provide beautiful look to bride.

Wedding Ring:

Choosing a wedding ring is definitely one of the most difficult tasks for a bride as well as for the groom. A wedding ring adorns the wearer’s hand for rest of life and speaks volumes about the love between the couple. So, it totally depends on person’s choice that what type of wedding ring he/she will choose. As per the wedding jewelry trends are concerned, a wedding ring should be such that steals away heart in first look and can be admired for whole life.

Useful Tips for Buying Wedding Jewelry

When it comes to a bride’s wedding day, she wants everything to be not only special, but beautiful as well. Most of all, her wedding attire should set the tone for the entire wedding. There is nothing more special than finding the perfect wedding dress. After finding her wedding gown, the bride’s next step is to accessorize. Wedding jewelry helps to complete the overall appearance of the bride and is an essential element to her bridal ensemble. Fortunately, buying wedding jewelry is not a difficult task. Below are a few helpful guidelines to follow:

Buying Wedding Jewelry Tip #1 Theme

Before buying wedding jewelry, it is best to consider the theme of your wedding. If you are incorporating a beach theme into your special day, then beach wedding jewelry is an appropriate choice. If your wedding is more formal, then your wedding colors should dictate the type of bridal jewelry that you should purchase. For example, silver jewelry greatly enhances colors that fall with in the blue family (i.e. periwinkle, powder blue, indigo, etc.).

Buying Wedding Jewelry Tip #2 Cost

While any bride would probably love to wear diamond wedding jewelry that is set in pure white or yellow gold, it is not always cost effective–especially when one is planning an inexpensive wedding. Fortunately, there are a lot of beautiful wedding jewelry options that are made of Swarovski crystals, sterling silver, and other metals and precious stones. Many of these alternatives are just as beautiful but significantly less expensive. In fact, some of the most unique selections and affordable prices can be found online.

Buying Wedding Jewelry Tip #3 Style

Try to avoid purchasing your accessories before buying your wedding gown. When buying wedding jewelry, a bride should consider the style of her gown and look for accessories that will complement its style–not over power it. It is best to try on several different jewelry types before settling.

Buying Wedding Jewelry Tip #4 Pre-Owned

Believe it or not, many women are willing to sell their wedding jewelry after their big day. Fortunately, brides that are on a strict budget can purchase previously owned wedding jewelry to complement their wedding gown. The money that is saved on the bride’s accessories can be put toward the honeymoon!

Bridal jewelry is just as important as a wedding gown. Accessories are the key to completing any attire. These are a just a few tips to help guide brides through the process of purchasing wedding jewelry. These guidelines can help any bride-to-be find something beautiful and affordable for her special day.