Do-It-Yourself Rustic Wedding Workarounds

Rustic by definition:

  1. relating to the countryside; rural.
  2. constructed or made in a plain and simple fashion, in particular.


So one of the features that makes having a rustic themed wedding so special is that the decor doesn’t need to look incredibly expensive or intricate to achieve an aesthetic that is magical all the same.

In the following article we’ve teamed up with Something-Nice, an events & wedding co-ordinator that specialise in creating wonderful rustic themed events for their esteemed clientele to help showcase some of their ingenious rustic wedding themed workarounds to help save your budget and day from chaos!


Outdoor Rustic Seating


Having an outdoor ceremony but you’ve spent the last of your budget buying the cake? No money to hire rustic tables? No problem, that is of course if you happen to have a few tree stumps handy. Even more convenient would to have planted rows of three oak tree seeds twenty years prior to your big day…But if that’s not possible, we’re sure any lumberjack with a chainsaw can help oblige, and then all you need is a sturdy plank to provide the seats for the bench.

The best thing about this feature is that it looks natural.


Wooden Pergola Alter

With minimum effort you can change an ordinary garden pergola into the alter for your rustic themed wedding. All that’s required are a few earthen woven cloths and flowers of your choice that are placed selectively to accessorise the alter.
It really is a simple fix for what otherwise would be an expensive affair.


Wooden Crate Bar

After the ceremony has come to a close, you’re going to want somewhere to start the festivities – and what better than in a handmade portable rustic bar?
The size of the ceremony will tell you how big you need to build your bar as you don’t want too many guests standing around waiting to get their groove on.
But it really is a simple solution to a problem that would otherwise cost you hundreds of pounds.

All you need is a few crates, glue and nails and you have your rustic bar! Easy.