Groom’s Fashion in Pakistan


Just like brides, grooms dressing are also of crucial importance for all wedding events. However, there are very limited options left for grooms to dress up according to the occasion in Pakistani wedding. The most common and trendy dress codes include; shalwarkameez, sherwani, kurta, waistcoats, or pant coats. You can see any of these no matter on what wedding day you are in Pakistan. However, with the advancement and versatility in wedding fashion, there is a constant change in the trends, so to be dressed up-to-date; you must know what is in trend when we talk about the groom’s dressing.

Remember that no matter how best the wedding photographer you have at your wedding, he will never be able to portray your stylish image until you have paid attention to your dressing and other minor details at your event. Here we bring some new ideas of how you can dress up as a groom on your wedding day.

The Mughal Attire:

You can add charisma to your wedding day by going with the traditional Mughal look. This look is well carried with jewelry carried on a turban and kurta that is slightly embroidered.  This will add some traditionally contemporary look to your wedding day dressing, keeping you trendy at the same time. You can add some jewelry for your turban as well.

 Feathered Prince Turban:

Yet another option for an antique look.This style is basically adapted from the Indian princes dressing style. It helps to make you look royal. Though it is not carried on the most common tone in our traditional wedding, but if you are a rebel by nature and you love to challenge everything, you must go for this style and rock the wedding event with your elegant style. The Rajhistani Style, from India, can also be a type of such a challenge. It’s contemporary and it’s elegant at the same time. Generally, therajhistani wedding theme is the one appreciated in Indian culture. If you are willing to go for this style you might get your bride dressed the same and even the venue can be decorated in the same way.

By going with this style at your wedding you can have a charming and long last remembered marriage ceremony. And you can keep the memories with you until the end if you go for the best wedding photographers in Islamabad.

Embroidered Sherwani:

Well, this one is quite easy to go with. It is stylish and admired by almost all, these days. It is liked by many people and can be available in a vast variety. At the same time will help  you to be trendy in an easy to deal with and hassle free manner.

Printed Sherwani:

You can get it in silk or any other material. Again with a vast variety of prints, colors, styles, and combination and are easily available in the market as well. The designers are making a unique combination of sherwani instead of plain single toned sherwani for men. You can get them in banarsi or jamwar stuff as well and with a number of different printed textures.

Some Accessories:

You can add a number of accessories to your antique or contemporary look to add more charm to your personality on your wedding day. While you visit the market,  you will surely get a number of items to be carried with you on your wedding day. You can go for a sword or daggers that are traditional bedazzled and are carried by grooms as a part of their costume.  And it helps them look royal. If you find it difficult to carry with you and still looking for some addition to your clothing, you can go for a decorative broach matching to your sherwani and surely it will help you look classy.

With all these tips, we wish you best of luck for your wedding day!