Punta Cana Wedding Photography Locations


There are many beautiful locations for Punta Cana wedding photography snap shots. Regardless of where your wedding takes place, you may want photos to reflect the entire experience from the sandy blue beaches. These locations are commonly used instead of taking group and individual photos at the wedding site. Asking your local photographer for their opinion on the best local beach to use that has the least amount of tourists will help you decide on where to have your wedding photos.

Bvaro Beaches offer ivory sands and soft blue waters with gently lapping waves await your wedding party for Punta Cana wedding photography. The tropical atmosphere and white sands offer the ideal backdrop for your island wedding pictures. With your wedding party lined up in front of a clear blue watery backdrop, these pictures will be unrivaled by anyone you know. The entire beach is lined with coconut trees, and you shouldn’t miss the site.

Sunset pictures are memorable, especially when you want to have your tan, as the calm waters with warm sand beneath your feet gushes forth and your beloved walking by your side.

Even though this location is well known for Punta Cana wedding photography, there are private places where you can enjoy some sweet time, and have your photos taken as a keepsake of your wedding day. Locals are respectful and are happy with people visiting their place, especially newly weds.

There are lots of beaches around which sits just a few minutes away from Punta Cana, and offers no debris, white beaches with some of the best facilities on the entire island, ask your local photographer which place you can have your pictures taken, surely he knows where the best place is.

With palm trees on every side and stars such as Julio Iglesias and Oscar de la Renta frequenting the beach since it is so near their homes, this beach is always in pristine condition. Shade is frequently found with the use of tents, huts and umbrellas as well as the natural palms that are spread far and wide across this glistening piece of Heaven. With clear blue skies and waters to match, the backdrop for your Punta Cana wedding photography will be one of a kind, and friends will be surely envious.

The entire Punta Cana beach area that stretches the entire island length is safe to swim from year round, as well as use the gorgeous warm sands for a backdrop for photographs. With every grain of sand stands a chance at one of kind photo opportunities for your wedding party. At both ends of the entire 20 miles of beachfront in Punta Cana, careens a beautiful site for your wedding pictures, to set a memorable romantic picturesque of your wedding day.

There are endless opportunities for your Punta Cana wedding photography to be breathtaking and forever etched in your mind. Local Punta Cana wedding photography studios will probably ask for your preference to a backdrop, or they can suggest their favorite picturesque spots. Some sites may be surprising, as many of these locals have found even more beautiful places to forever capture the love and happiness from your wedding party as a keepsake for your fondest memories.