Selecting A Professional Wedding Photographer


Your professional wedding photographer is a key member of your wedding team. You have put large quantities of time and money into choosing a dress, picking a cake, designing the menu and writing the vows and your professional wedding photographer is the one who will document all the small details for all time.

Therefore, it is important to screen prospective wedding photographers very carefully to find the one that is best for you.

You may well never have hired a professional photographer before. Therefore, it can be difficult to know what questions to ask. Yet it is crucial that you conduct a careful interview process in order to find the best professional wedding photographer for your needs.

Here is a short list of important questions that apply to all circumstances. You may have additional questions based on your individual needs.

1. Will you be the actual photographer for my wedding?
It would make sense that the person you are interviewing is the professional wedding photographer. However, some companies employ a sales staff that is good at closing deals.

A scrupulous salesperson will let you know what his or her role is in the company. Unfortunately, not every wedding photography studio is reputable. The salesperson might not let it slip that he or she is not actually a photographer unless you ask.

Alternatively, the person with whom you speak may be the company owner. He or she may employ a staff of trusted photographers in whom he or she has complete confidence. Nevertheless, if the person you interview will not be your actual photographer, you may want to speak to that person as well.

2. Do you have any samples of your work?
Any professional wedding photographer who has experience knows how important it is to have a portfolio of his or her best work.

Ask to see samples, not only of the senior photographer’s work, but the work of all the other photographers who might be working for that particular wedding studio that may be involved in your day.

3. What is your experience with my preferred style of photography?
Engaged couples today have more choices than ever before. Digital wedding photography is increasingly common and photojournalistic wedding photography has become a hot new trend.

If you want something other than traditional posed photography on film, make sure that you choose a professional wedding photographer who is experienced in the style that you desire.

4. What possible additional fees might I incur?
Travel fees, hourly fees if your wedding runs long, setup fees and fees for additional rolls of film are all fairly common but not necessarily standard.

While price should not be your only consideration, try to find a photographer flexible and willing to work with you should unexpected circumstances arise. Also, inquire about charges for converting photos to black and white or sepia tones, digitizing film photos and printing out digital photos.

Some wedding photography packages cover some or all of these fees, so inquire about package rates.

5. May I have a list of references from previous wedding clients?
No matter how good a photographer’s pictures are, it is also important that you click with his or her personality. The interview will give you a basic idea of personality, but remember that a wedding is stressful for everyone involved.

Speak with former clients to learn how the photographer behaves under the real life pressure of the wedding.

A wedding day is an event each couple hopes to cherish for the rest of their lives. It is the job of the professional wedding photographer to capture the highlights of the day on film, and there are no second chances if the shots aren’t perfect.

Don’t rush trying to find a wedding photography studio to do your photos. Take your time to find the right one.