Wedding Music – How Do You Choose It?

In your wedding, you will probably want to play some music. It is true that you can make it more romantic if you can choose the right music. However, do you know how you should choose the music?

In fact, there are usually two main parts in your wedding. They are the ceremony and the reception. The music in your reception will usually be a part of the entertainment for your guests. In this article, we will mainly discuss the music for your reception.

When your wedding music in your reception is concerned, you generally have three options. The first choice is that you can consider hiring a wedding DJ. You can also hire a wedding live band singapore. In fact, your third choice will be playing music CDs yourself in the wedding.

Let us talk about the idea of hiring a wedding DJ first. They will help you to play music CDs in your wedding. Of course they will also help to provide you some special stage effects. It will be certainly perfect for you to hire a DJ if you want every guest stand up and dance together. A DJ can really help you to heat up the atmosphere of your reception.

On the other hand, you may also consider hiring a live musician or a live band. In most cases a live band will be preferred. Some couples may even want to hire a singer in additional to the band. Of course you will need to pay a little bit more in this case. The advantage of hiring a live band is that they can play according to the needs. They can play a bit faster or slower in order to match the atmosphere of the reception.

As mentioned, another choice will certainly be playing the music CDs yourself in your reception. Normally, you can play the CDs using the equipments provided by the reception hall. Be sure you have the time to test all the equipments before you actually use them.

No matter what you choice is, you have to choose the music you are going to play during your reception. If it is possible, you should try to choose some music which can match your own wedding theme. This will usually the first thing you will need to consider.

Of course if you choose to play the music yourself, you will have to choose all the songs or music on your own. At the end of the day it will be a quite time consuming process. However, it will not be something difficult. You should choose it according to your own preference.

If you are going to hire a wedding DJ or a live band, you can discuss with them what kind of atmosphere you would like to have for your reception. Of course you may also discuss with them according to your wedding theme. They will certainly be able to give you professional advices. Be sure that you will inform the DJ or musicians if there are some songs you do not want them to play!